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Charles Don Flores was born on October 31, 1969 in Big Spring, TX, where his family lived, while his father worked operating the family roofing business. Later the family moved to Midland, TX. Charles lived in the west TX until he was 16 years of age. His family then moved to Dallas , TX where they still live.

When Charles was a teenager, he began working with his father during summer school breaks ,where he learned the roofing and construction trade. He also worked with his brother and learned the carpentry trade. From a young age, he found that he enjoyed building things with his hands. Charles then began learning the administrative process of running a construction business , whereupon he worked as a salesman and the general manager of the family business.

Charles was arrested in may of 1998 for a robbery/slaying of which he is innocent. At the time of the crime, he was with his family and friends. Charles maintained his innocence and went to Jury trial in April of 1999. His court-appointed attorney did very little to prepare for trial. Charles told his attorney where he was at the time of the crime and requested that witnesses be called to testify to his whereabouts when the crime took place. His attorney told him that the state could not prove that he was guilty. Because of this, there was no need to show an alibi defense; so Charles sat through his trial where his life hang in the balance and said nothing. His incompetent attorney did not call one witness to pove his whereabouts when the crime occured.

Charles was convicted without a shred of physical evidence to prove his guilt. He was then sentenced to die and sent to Texas Death Row. He has received the same inadequate representation on his state level appeal. Because Charles is indigent, he is forced to accept the appeal attorney the court appoints him.

While on Texas Death Row, Charles has become a self-taught artist. He has developed his own unique style of art. Using ink and colour pencils, Charles creates striking images on illustration board most recently focusing on southwest style art. Upon arriving on Death Row, Charles began to study criminal law to better understand his situation. He has uncovered many constitutional rights violations that were NOT included in the appeals prepared by incompetent court appointed appeal attorneys. This knowledge of death penality appeal law has come at a steep price for Charles. The more he learns, the better he understands how incompetent his court-appointed attorneys were. He comprehends that their poor effort could very well cost him his life. In fact, BOTH of Charles' state level appeal attorneys have been recently "kicked off" the Texas Court of Ccriminal Appeals Attorneys List due to poor job performance.

There are 5 levels of appeals in capital death sentence appeals. They are as follows :

1.) state level direct appeal
2.) state level habeas writ
3.) federal level habeas writ
4.) 5th circuit Court of Appeal
5.) the Supreme Court of the United State

Charles' best chance of winning relief lies in the federal level habeas writ. He went into the federal court in September 2006.

Charles has had the good fortune to have three top notch federal appeal attorneys agree to represent him in the federal court. In March 2009 the last of Charles' federal habeas writ was filed.

The only issues that can be raised in the federal habeas writ review are those raised and preserved in State level direct appeal and State level habeas writ. Charles' state level appeal attorneys did him a great disservice by NOT raising critical issues. One major issue is that there is a very strong mitigating evidence that should have been presented to the jury in Charles' trial.

Because Charles' state level appeal attorneys did not raise this issue, the federal court refuses to grant any funding to conduct a complete mitigating evidence investigation in this case. Charles has focused his defense fund efforts-campaign on this issue and is doing all he can to raise the $25.000 U.S. needed to fund the investigation. He is also working to have critical evidence used to convict him retested. With this, Charles looks forward to uncovering even more proof of his innocence. With the help of his friends, family and supporters he is working towards proving these violations to the federal appeal court and thus be granted a new trial.

That is part of Charles' goal in life. The other is to prove to all that he is a human being worthy of living. Charles has begun a journey seeking knowledge and wisdom.. Living under a dead sentence has taught him many things. One important lesson is : "When you learn how to die, you learn how to live. You wake from your trance, the fog clears, allowing you to focus on the essentials in life. All the nonsense is burned away. Offering others what I have to give, my love and friendship, gives meaning to my life. Devoting myself to caring for others gives me purpose and satisfaction."

Charles wants to show with his actions along with his words that he is a contributing member of society.With your support YOU can help Charles reach his goals.

Will you please help save his life ?
He cannot do it alone. There is only so much he can do from the cage he is forced to live in. The cruel facts are that, if he gets no outside support, then it's likely, he will go the way of the buffalo. Men are executed on a near-weekly basis in Texas. Because of his situation, the reality he lives in, please contact him and let him know , you care and are willing to help. The amount of help you will be able to contribute does not matter. There is strength in numbers and together we can make a difference. In Charles' cause, together our voice will be heard and not ignored !

"I am sure you understand, brothers and sisters, and hurry ! This hour hand is sweeping like a second hand...time is of the essence, so please, contact me soon ! "

Charles Don Flores N 999299
Polunsky Unit
3872 FM350 South
Livingston, TX 77351